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Welcome to Project and Engineering Research Desk

Meron Tadese

Construction And Engineering Directorate Director

  • Phone+251-11470-1827

  • Email AddressPerrytad02@gmail.com

About The Directorate

Desk's objectives

  • The objectives of Construction and Engineering Desk is to provide Construction and Engineering services in support of Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical sector to be a trusted and professional company, in meeting clients' needs for diverse, construction, engineering and management consulting services by customizing, innovative and high quality services of construction, machine installation

Desk's service

·        The directorate service is to assist the Ethiopian Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries in general and new investors in particular to achieve a competitive advantage in global market by using state of art in construction and engineering discipline, tools, expertise, approaches, capabilities and technologies.

·        The purpose of this directorate is to provide a sustainable, reliable and affordable engineering service to sectors.

·        Conduct expertise to Maintain equipment and pilot plants of factories.

·        Supporting the Integrated Agro Industrial Parks to be accomplished as per the schedule.


Core Responsibility

  • Support and consult investors on selection, negotiation, installation, commissioning of technology and construction of factories.
  • Support factories in technical and maintenance service.
  • Provide and support design layout of the institute buildings, consulting the institute and providing necessary documents.
  • Support and consult the institute for machine assembly, installation, mechanical and electrical works.
  • Provide factories with necessary documents to purchase machineries and equipment’s.
  • Maintain the institute buildings and roads.
  • Collect and organize information's to submit for the sectors about assembly of machines, installation and plan
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