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Welcome to Technology Transfer and Training Directorate

Dagnachew Wondimu

Technology Transfer And Training Directorate Director

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  • Email Addressatnas2325@gmail.com

About The Directorate

Directorate Objectives:

the directorate shall be to provide all round support focusing on capacity building, research and development, consultancy, Twinning service etc. To capacitate the industry.

Core Responsibility

Ensuring that the procedures through which practical training are given to teachers and students in manufacturing and service enterprises are in the spirit of cooperation, with appropriate plans and according to procedures

  • Facilitation of research and technology transfer activities to be operated based up on the need of solving problems related to competitiveness of the industries.

  • Paving ways of improving the role and capacities of education and training as well as research institutions such that intellectuals develop the ability to consult manufacturing facilities and service providers.

  • Enabling to develop the culture of joint planning operation among education and training institutions, research entities and the industry by bringing together their resources

  • Improving the capacities of the actors of the linkages to implement education and training, research, consultancy and technology transfer.

  • To enhance the capacity of the company through kizen implementation

  • To introduce and implement tripartite linkage system among the industry, FBPIDI, higher institutions and TVET (Technical and Vocational Educational Training) for human resource development, research, technology transfer etc.

  • To enable FBPIDI personnel fully run the new outcome based TVET training system in food, beverage and pharmaceutical area

  • Building its capacity to international standard through Twinning program so as to support the industry effectively; cooperate with local and foreign governmental and private institution having similar objectives and also encourage similar cooperation between private institutions

  • Work collaboration with Universities in the product and human development, conduct joint research activities assist the industry in establishing linkages with the Universities; work with vocational and technical training center to build the human resource of the industry of the industry at lower and middle level
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