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Women, youth and HIV AIDS affairs Directorate

Welcome to Women, youth and HIV AIDS affairs Directorate

Tsige Bekele

Women, Youth And Hiv Adis Affairs Directorate Director

  • Phone+251-11470-2718

  • Email Addresstsigeash1973@gmail.com

About The Directorate

Directorate Objectives

  • According to the institution mission, vision and objectives the women, children, and youth directorate provide quality service

  • In the institution function level for different core process provide & support Gender Mainstreaming and youth task.

  • Do the activities relating to Gender Mainstreaming

  • Gender Mainstreaming concept induce

  • For all level Gender Mainstreaming issue provide high emphasis women and men participation would be confirmed

  • General women update by providing support process

    Directorate service

  • To implement government policies strategy by referring women and men

  • Providing capacity building training

  • To prepare different campaign and participate

  • Gender Mainstreaming audit should be accessible

  • For women and men employee confirm advantageous by providing support and monitoring session

  • Support children who haven’t mother and father

  • Gender Mainstreaming should be included in all directorate

  • To minimize and stop Gender type of harassment

  • To increase women and men in decision making process

  • To strength women forum service

  • To create good environment for free education service for women and youth

Policy and strategy, guidelines of the directorates

    • National youth policy

    • Youth package

    • BSC and BPR manual

    • Children safety guidelines

    • Women Package

    • Children convention

    • Women affaires policy

    • Family law

    • HIV/AIDS guidelines

    • Children Policy

    • Country constitution

    Core Responsibility

    • Creating conducive environment in the institution and industry level by establishing good working system

    • To increase the support process for women and youth entrepreneur

    • By service providing for external customer to increase persuasion

    • For any plan follow the finance rule and regulation

    • Searching money by preparing proposal

    • To be institutionalize for the affaire of women youth in plan, report and different programs

    • To increase the support of women forum

    • To increase leadership quality and decision making for women and youth

    • To strength for women and youth prepare short term training

    • For industry workers develop long term and short term trainings

    • For any information and activities for women and men Gender Mainstreaming should be addressed

    • The reform activities should be accomplished

    • To increase the officers thinking, knowledge and capacities

    • To increase the use of information communication technology

    • To increase democracy relation by creating good environment

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