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Investment promotion & industry zone development Directorate

Welcome to Investment promotion & industry zone development Directorate

Yared Desalegn

Investment Promotion & Industry Zone Development Directorate Director

  • Phone+251-11470-2401

  • Email AddressYaredre200@gmail.com

About The Directorate

Directorate objectives

      Promote investment in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry sector


Directorate’s service

  • Provide support to foreign investors and employees in getting work permit and entry visas
  • Provide advisory services to investors interested to engage in the sector
  • Provide support to investors in acquiring land , financial and infrastructure
  • Prepaid and disseminate investment project profiles and feasibly study’s
  • Evaluate investment feasibility documents and provide expertise support
  • Gazer, organize and analyze macro-economic data’s in order to make policy recommendation’s
  • Collect and analyze sector specific investment information’s


Core Responsibility

  • Prepare and disseminate project profiles that promote investment in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical sector
  • Assist investors who have a desire to engage in the food, beverage & pharmaceutical sector
  • Provide advisory services on technology selection ,installation process, market and overall business environment in the sector
  • Encourage the development of food, beverage & pharmaceutical industry zones/parks and mobilize local & international investors to invest in the parks/zone
  • Provide full package support to investors in the parks
  • Follow up and support investment projects on food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors
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