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Mr. Negasa Bane

Environmental Protection And Energy Directorate Director

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About The Directorate

About The Directorate
Environmental protection, Industrial safety  and Energy Directorate is Organized Under Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry development institute in the investment Technology transition sector to provide all round support to the investments going in aspects of protecting and Mitigate negative environmental Impacts and enhances the positive environmental impacts and mitigate the negative environmental impacts, support The implementation of Occupational safety according to ILO standards and support to Implement  the efficient and clean use of energy sources for over all sustainable development of the investments since the environmental and energies are critical issues of the globe

Core Responsibility

    • Our directorate Provides all rounded technical support based on the customer needs.
    • Give any kind of support for industries in order to make the industries competitive on issues of Environmental protection, Safety issues and efficient use of energy.
    • Supports to decrease the possible negative environmental impacts of the Investment during pre-construction, construction and Operational phases of the projects.
    • Supporting the Investment of the sector by advising on issues directed According to the Environmental  regulation any project need Environmental impact assessment
    • Provide Basic latest information's on the Directorate Issues
    • Based on gap assessments we support the processing industries to fulfill their gaps regards with on capacity building, certification (ISO, 14,001).
    • Collaborate with higher research institutes and regions to do joint researches, and motivate processing industries to link to industry zones and Integrated Agro-Industry Park (IGIP).
    • Supporting the factories in Solid and liquid waste management technique in aspects of Waste treatment ,waste disposal jointly with a the regions and towns where there is the possibility of wastes
    • Monitoring and evaluating the alternative energy production technique in aspects of bio gas where there is left over of the residues
    • Doing researches in cases of greenhouse gas emission reduction in the industries that lead to climate change of our country and the globe
    • Provide consultancy services to factories concerning Environmental protection techniques , energy utilizing techniques …etc

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