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Yared Desalegn

Market Development Directorate Director

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About The Directorate

Directorate objectives
    • To support the development of the input industry in order to ensure the supply of inputs in terms of type, quantity and quality, and to provide the necessary support and monitoring to ensure effective linkages between the actors of the sector from raw material production to the global market. It also collects and organizes up-to-date market and input information, compiles and disseminates up-to-date information on industries and competitors in the sector as needed; Investigates procedures related to marketing law and order; Provides research to develop a convenient trading system.

Directorate’s service
Marketing has been an important human activity throughout the history mankind. Its importance is increasing from time to time, particularly where prosperity depended on priory on international and integrated trade practices. In fact it is also called one of the basic cornerstones of globalization. Globalization is called the increase flow of knowledge, resources, goods and services among the world's nations. It is very rear country that can keep itself fully isolated from the economic activities of the other countries. Many of these countries do market each other and gained high economic growth. Therefore our marketing directorate has taken the responsibility to support the private sector to be competitive in the global market, improve skill and knowledge, enhance production and productivity, and boost production capacity The Market Development Directorate is directly accountable for investment and technology sector and it is organized in three teams. The main objective of the directorate is to support the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries by growing the opportunity to promote their products in the domestic and foreign markets and get better market chance. Make companies be competitive by providing capacity building support, establishing appropriate incentives and facilitating issues related with customs, banks, airlines cargo, maritime and shipping lines and Manage problems jointly emanating from stakeholders. Do regularly capacity building activities to improve matters related with market. It Support the development of input industry so as to ensure the regular availability and supply of inputs to the industry in terms of quality and quantity, extend the necessary support and follow up to ensure effective linkage among the actors of the sector based on the respective value chains starting from raw material up to global market, Collect, analyze and organize market and other necessary data disseminate same to users as may be necessary, make competitors analysis on a regular basis and market related governance, and establish proper legal transactional matters.


Core Responsibility

It is organized in three teams and taken the following major tasks to deliver the given duties and responsibilities.
1. Marketing research and consultancy team,
    • Coordinate and lead the market study for market governance structure to find solutions with respect to the challenges faced in market linkage.
    • Make a study on local and international market trends and propose on how to overcome the challenges of the local industries be competitive in the international market and give advices.
    • Organize and participate value chain analysis study to identify the sector market and input linkage problems and propose solutions.
    • Propose possible ideas based on market study on issues related to incentives, policy matters, credit facility ,training programs to given to exporting industries.
    • Make local and international market study and propose alternative means, market destination, on how to make local products competitive in the market, coordinate the research study team.
    • Coordinate and participate in the value chain study and identify problems of market and input linkage and propose ideas to solve the challenges of the linkage.
    • Capacitate the local producing companies' investors in terms of skill, knowledge, incentives, working capital, training and development through identified gaps.
    • Disseminate information and market studies on new products developed in other industries to investors and processing industries.
    • Arrange access to information and awareness creation to industries to play fair market competition and ethical business in the marketing system and make study to identify areas of unfair trade practices.
    • Organize current information, data and analyze so as to be used for all stakeholders including industries.
    • Facilitate the linage of input production through outgrows schemes development and contract farming with regional and federal government offices and institutions.
2. Market promotion and expansion team
    • Facilitate fertile ground for industries to organize trade fairs, exhibitions so as to promote products and secure additional market.
    • Coordinate and support industries to promote their products and expand their market destination, market share through participation in international trade fairs, collect and organize information gained in international fairs and report measures or corrective actions to be taken for the future.
    • Support exporting companies in preparing export plan of action.
    • Solve problems faced by exporting companies in the areas of export trade facilitation in collaboration with relevant stakeholders and facilitate export procedures.
    • Identify new market destinations and support exporting companies to promote their products to export market.
    • Work to increase the share of local products to the export market through market research, improving product design, organizing current market data and report to concerned stakeholders.
    • Facility information on buying countries requirement on packaging, labeling address and quality certification.
3. Market information team duties and responsibilities
    • Analyze and disseminate both local and international market information to all actors involved in the sector.
    • Collect and analyze up to date information on market, product quality, capacity utilization, production capacity and any additional information that boosts both international and domestic market.
    • Establish data base on export products of the sector, buying or destination countries, in areas of market share market gap, requirements of the products.
    • Give proper response on information need/requested from buying countries, Embassies, government and development organizations.
    • Aware companies and develop facts on the current development changes on the international market, buying countries, the level of market share and competitive advantages.
    • Promote new local industries to join in to processing specially for export market by providing relevant data and information on the market through depth study.
    • Support and give necessary information and market data for industries to develop new product for the market and do market research.
    • Compile complete data, profile for exporting companies, product type, production capacity etc.
    • Coordinate and participate in regular review and study on companies export incentives, capacity building tasks, and necessary policy recommendations.
    • Involve in any issues related with the sector policy and strategic issues, incentives proposals project design and follow up implementation and review.
    • Develop and propose projects and incentive mechanisms to support the private sector improve its competiveness in the global market.

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