Food, beverage and pharmaceutical Industry Development Institutes Sectors.

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Duty and Responsibility

1.Formulate policies, strategies and action plans that assist in the acceleration of the development of food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and implement the same upon approved by the government.

2. identify through research and development relevant technologies applicable to the development of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry; perform production process and product development activities on new and traditional products and transfer these technologies to the industry and support them to enter the market; and assist the industry to establish research and development units.

3. Conduct other study and research activities including market research that support the development of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry; assist industry to promote their products in the domestic as well as international markets; and work closely with relevant stakeholders in order to implement effective marketing system in the industry.

4. collect, analyze and organize technological market and other data necessary for the development of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and disseminate same to users, as may be necessary;

5.prepare and disseminate project profiles that may help expansion of investment in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry; follow up and assist project implementation and provide remedies for problems encountered during implementation, assist the industry in getting rid of investment bottlenecks and conduct promotional activities.

6. Assist investors desiring to engage in the food beverage and pharmaceutical industry by providing advice in the selection of technology, negotiation, construction, erection and commissioning.

7. In collaboration with other stakeholders, prepare and conduct practical trainings on technology, technical matters, marketing and management and other tailor-made trainings that may assist the development and competitiveness of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

8. provide consultancy services to food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry concerning production process, production planning and quality assurance; establish pilot plants and laboratories to support the industry, provide international – level testing services; encourage industry to establish laboratories and assist them to get certification so as make them internationally competitive.

9. Build its capacity to international standard through twinning programs so as support the industry effectively; cooperate with local and foreign governmental and private institutions having similar objectives and also encourage similar co-operation between private institutions.

10. work in collaboration with universities in product and human resource development, conduct joint research activities, assist the industry in establishing linkages with the universities; work with technical and vocational training centers to build the human resource of the industry at lower and middle levels.

11. Undertake international benchmarking studies to enhance the development and competitiveness of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry and facilitate the implementation of compiled best practices by the industry.

12. support the development of input industry so as to ensure the regular availability of inputs to the industry in terms of variety, quantity and quality; extend the necessary support and follow up to ensure effective linkage among the actors of the sector based on the respective value chains starting from raw material up to global market; and also support the linkage of micro and small manufacturing enterprises with medium and large industry in terms of production, processing technology and training.

13. Encourage the development of food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry zones to mobilize national and foreign investors to the sector, and support investors operation in the industry zone.

14. Establish entrepreneurship development program and incubation centers to create new and vibrant entrepreneurs in the sector.

15. Support the development of packaging industry to make food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry competitive in the market.

16. Provide support in the acquisition of intellectual property rights and patents for research and technology outputs developed by the sector actors.

17. Provide support to food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry to use renewable energy sources and to operate in an environment friendly manner.

18. Strengthen the bio - equivalence center so that it provides the requisite services to pharmaceutical industry so as to make them competitive.

19. Promote post - harvest technologies, cold chain, modern ware houses, modern transport facilities and other necessary logistics for the sector to reduce post - harvest losses.

20. Provide capacity building support to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry associations so that they can play their proper role in the promotion of trade and investment in the sector.

21. Charge fees for the services it renders in accordance with the rate approved by the government.

22. Own property, enter in to contracts, sue and be sued in its own name.

23. Perform other related activities necessary for the attainment of its objective.



1. An Advisory council (hereinafter the "council'').

2. A Director General and, as may be necessary, Deputy Director Generals to be appointed by the government, and.

3. The necessary staff.


1. The chairperson and members of the Council shall be drawn from the appropriate government offices and the private sector and be assigned by the government.

2. The number of members of the Council shall be determined as required.

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