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Welcome to FBPIDI Investment and technology sector

About The Sector

Investment and technology coordination has been organized by seven directorates. They are:-

·        Food Parks and Pharmaceutical Zone Investment Expansion Directorate

·        Engineering Service Directorate

·        Technology Transfer and Business Development Directorate

·        Market Development Directorate

·        Directorate of Education and Training

·        Environmental Protection and Energy Directorate

·        Directorate of Information Technology.

Accordingly, each directorate was organized into groups of 2-4.

With this organization in place, the Coordinator has been working extensively since its inception. Manufacturers in the sector will also be able to come to our facility to get the services they need.

Project and Engineering Research Desk

· Equipment Service Team

·        Civil Works Team

·        Mechanical Works Team

·        Electrical and Electronics Works Group

·        Group of Universities and Research Institutions

·        Registrar Group

·        Investment Expansion Team

Quality level and inspection laboratory research desk

·   Provide technical support and consultancy services to food and beverage industry concerning testing and inspection, standards, certification, accreditation, calibration and competence so as to produce internationally competitive products

Market Development Desk

·        Market Research and Advisory Service Team

·        Marketing and Promotion Team

·        Marketing Information Group

Environmental Energy Safety Research Desk

·        Environmental Protection Team

·        Energy Group


Welcome to FBPIDI Investment and technology sector

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