Pharmaceutical Research & Development
About The Directorate

Research and development department is found in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry development institute in pharmaceutical directorate.Its work mainly focuses on doing a research on necessary bases, collecting information and data from different sources and keeps them updated and available when it's needed. In addition, it also consults and supports in which areas pharmaceutical industries should need to do a research and fill their gap in order to be able to use their capacity effectively and efficiently and to be productive and competitive in the local and international market. 

Duty and Responsibilty
  • It plans, arranges, directs, follows, supports, makes a decision and controls the directorate function.
  • It creates new ideas that support research and development program and    plans and designs new working methods; it follows the work and gets it done
  • To support pharmaceutical industries on research and development programs and to help them work corporately.
  • To keep finding on research and development directorate in center of excellence and present it to students, researchers and give training to industries professionals.
  • To do research in coordination with universities and other research centers and transfer it to industries.
  • Doing a research based on the research and development departments of different organizations.
  • To consult industries on technological transformation, equipment planting and trial of new products.
  • Supporting a research on traditional medicine and therapy and share ideas to develop the profession.
  • It signs an agreement with foreign professionals to do a research and facilitates the way to find a financial support for a given proposal.
  • It follows up research and development works.
  • It gives a consultant service to other research and development works.
  • It prepares research proposal and coordinates bench marking works and directs it.