Industrial Pharmacy and Quality Maintenance
About The Directorate

 Industrial pharmacy and Quality Administration Directorate is organized under the pharmaceutical industry sector wings of the    Institute which is tasked to undertake the improvement and maintenance of good manufacturing practice status of the local industries  so as to ensure the availability of safe and effective medicine to the local and international market. The directorate will use and    implement appropriate and modern science and technological resources to stimulate local production of drugs through effective collaboration with the industry and industry experts.

Duty and Responsibilty
  • Provide support to pharmaceutical industries to get national and international good manufacturing practice (cGMP) certification so as to make them internationally competitive.
  • Advise investors desiring to engage in the pharmaceutical industries sector in the selection of technology, negotiation, construction, erection, and commissioning.
  • Undertake international benchmarking studies, compile best practices and assist industries to implement them so as to build their competitiveness globally.
  • Undertake productivity enhancement project like kaizen and lean production systems in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Support and strengthen the bio-equivalence center so that it provides the requisite services to pharmaceutical industries so as to make them competitive.
  • Work in collaboration with stakeholders to develop national capability for calibration, maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments.
  • Prepare and conduct practical training, by itself and/or through collaboration with other relevant parties, on technology, technical matters, marketing and management and other tailor- made training that assists the development and competitiveness of the pharmaceutical industries sector and produce qualified manpower in the sector, and also issue certificates to trainees.
  • Provide consultancy services to pharmaceutical industries concerning production process, production planning and quality assurance; and also establish pilot plants and laboratories to support the industries, provide standard testing services; encourage industries to establish laboratories.