Information Technology
About The Directorate

The Information Technology Directorate is organized in the third wing of the institute "Investment and Technology Sector" to play an important role to access the Information Technology resources effectively and economically to exchange the necessary data's and Information's within the Institute and Agro-Industries at large to attract specifically the targeted private sectors for the development of the country with the advance utilizations of ICT services and resources.

Duty and Responsibilty

Services of Information Technology Directorate

The Main services which are delivered by the Information Technology Directorate are categorized into the following six target areas.

1.Provide technical support services

  •   Provide Hardware and Software maintenance services
  •   Prepare technical specifications for Hardware & Software.
  •   Evaluate technical proposals for Agro Industry sectors and Industry Parks as well in the field of IT.
  •   Inspection of Hardware & Software services.
  •  Evaluation of Term of Reference (TOR).
  •  Coordinate and Support Researches prepared by the Institute, Agro Industry sectors and to the Industry Park as well

2.Develop Systems and Programs

  •  Study and design systems to the Institute and Agro Industry sectors.
  • Plan, Design, Develop, implement and test databases and application systems according to the need of the Institute and Agro Industry sectors.
  • Migrate the old applications and operating systems to the newer version
  • Develop and manage web portals to the Institute, Agro Industry sectors and to the Industry Park as well

3.Managing Network and internet Infrastructures

  • Implement the very secure Network infrastructure
  •  Implement a sharing and security policy on the Institute's ICT properties.
  • Implement protection programs such as latest antivirus programs.
  • Implement Backup and restore policy.
  • Follow the Internet and local network and communication lines.
  • Supervise, follow-up and sustain the main devices as well as manage users and other nodes.
  •  Interconnect the Agro Industry sectors, Industry Parks and the Institute.

4.Managing Geospatial data

  • Prepare the digital geological maps of the Industries
  • Build a comprehensive and up to date geographic database.
  • Provide services in different applications of geographic information systems in geospatial data.
  • Access data's of the Agro Industry sectors and Industry Parks from produce digital or paper images
  • Develop maps and charts of the Agro-Industries.

5.Assisting SME's

  • Organizing young professionals to engage them in ICT business of the sector
  • Assist incubation program with SME's.
  •  Assist SME's in the export market.

6.Provide Capacity Building

  • Organize short term ICT training programs within the Institute and to the Agro Industries.
  •  Provide advice on information systems development/ implementation to the Industries.
  •  Monitor and evaluate the consultancy services to the Industries in the sector.

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