Education and Training
About The Directorate
Duty and Responsibilty
  • Preparation of Twining Document to Select Twining Partner. 
  • Assess the good practices of different countries to select twining partner.   
  • Mobilize resources to support the training need of the company. 
  • To address the training need of the companies based on their gaps.
  • Conduct the Capacity building program of the institute.
  • Facilitating training activities to be carried out in the institute to researchersAnd company employees (training to be delivered to food, beverage & pharmaceuticals industries).
  • Coordinate technique and vocational education training centers to capacitate their professional skills through consultancy and giving TOT.   
  • Evaluate and amend the technical and vocational education training centers curriculum, occupational standards. 
  • Developing the culture of joint planning and operation among education and training institutions, research entities and the industry by bringing together their resources
  • Ensuring that the procedures through which practical trainings are given to teachers and students in manufacturing and service provision enterprises plans and according to procedures.
  • The Universities Identifying the gap of the companies and giving the training and consultancy service. 
  • Organize personnel exchange among the University and the company to share their experience.  
  • Research works to be conducted to solve companies' problems. 
  • Shall evaluate and follow up the performance of twining program. 
  • Shall prepare twining program implementation guideline.
  • Shall Prepare, ratify and monitor research and council directives.
  • Giving financial support for competent research paper.
  • To introduce and implement tripartite linkage system among the industry, universities, TVET and the institute for HR development, research and technology transfer.
  • Create an enabling, harmonious, transparent and efficient environment for the development of competitive research projects, execution of research and transfer of innovations and technologies.
  • Enhance research and publications culture among researchers