Packaging Processing Industry Development Directorate
About The Directorate

 Food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging processing industry development Directorate is entitled  to provide all-round support for food grade packaging manufacturing industries and there by accelerate technology transfer, achieve transformation and enable the food grade packaging industries to be competitive at national level as well as  international level.

Duty and Responsibilty

The main duties and responsibility of food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging industry development directorate are:-

  • Provide consultancy services to food grade  packaging  industry concerning production process, production planning quality assurance; establish pilot plant and laboratory to support the industry;
  • In collaboration with other stack holders, prepare and conduct practical trainings on technology, technical matters, marketing , management and other tailor-made trainings that may assist the development and competitiveness of the packaging industry;
  • To conduct study and  research around  food ,beverage and pharmaceutical  packaging technology;
  • Undertake international bench marking studies to enhance the development and competitiveness of the food grade packaging industry and facilitate the implementation of compiled best practice by the industry;
  • Support, follow-up and cooperate food grade packaging  industries to reach full production capacity and work on identified problems and attain full production capacity.
  • To evaluate feasibility studies and project proposal of food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging  processing industries;
  • Provide  physical, chemical and transport testing service and assessment of environmental  impact of packaging industry
  • Support the development of packaging industry to make food ,beverage and pharmaceutical industry competitive in the market
  • Promote  cold chain, modern warehouse, modern transport facilities and other necessary logistics for the sector to reduce postharvest loss
  • Support packaging investment project and to encourage import substitution packaging manufacturing industry
  • Collect, analyze and organize technological, and other data necessary for the development of packaging  industries and disseminate same to users as may be necessary

Service Requirement

  • Company profile and related documents ;
  • If the investment project is new, they must be submit the feasibility study and business plan documents of the project, project action plan and supporting letter;
  • Food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing industry, need to support from our institute they must be submit supporting letter to the institute by mentioning   that company needs;

Investment opportunity

  • There is many opportunity to invest in this sector, because our country spent a lot foreign currency to import food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging materials. So, our institute to encourage investors engaged in this sector;
  • To encourage private investment and promote the in-flow of foreign capital and technology into Ethiopia, Investors engage in manufacturing of food, beverage and pharmaceutical sector they get the following incentives:- 
  • 100% exemption from the payment of customs duties and other taxes levied on imports is granted to all capital goods, such as plant, machinery and equipment and construction materials;
  • Spare parts worth up to 15% of the total value of the imported investment capital goods, provided that the goods are also exempt, from the payment of customs duties;
  • An investor granted with a customs duty exemption will be allowed to import capital goods duty free indefinitely if his investment is in manufacturing and agriculture, and for five years if his investment is in other eligible areas;
  • An investor entitled to a duty-free privilege buys capital goods or construction materials from local manufacturing industries shall be refunded the customs duty paid for raw materials or components used as inputs for the production of such goods; and
  • Investment capital goods imported without the payment of custom duties and other taxes levied on imports may be transferred to another investor enjoying similar privileges.