Sugar and Confectionery Processing Industry Development
About The Directorate

The Ethiopian industry development strategic plan (2013-2025) describes the country's industrialization vision, goal, strategies and programs to qualify it as a middle-income country by the year 2025. Sugar and Confectionery  Processing Industry Development Directorate is one of the sector established under food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry development institute which is playing great role in solving problem related to sugar scarcity and import substitution of those products in collaboration with the related stack holders. The directorate works to meet the needs of the customers by conducting problem solving research and development activities, consulting and facilitating skill gap training for sugar and confectionery producer industries.

Duty and Responsibilty
  • Generating ideas of policies and strategies regarding sugar and confectionery food products.
  • Preparing research proposals and  reports collaborating with others.
  • Transferring  the accepted proposals in to practice.
  • Give any kind of support for sugar and confectionery food processing industries in order to make the industries competitive on international market and generate foreign currency.
  •  Facilitate infrastructure problems that occur during production time like water supply, electric power supply, Raw material supply etc.
  • Collecting, organizing and transferring data's and results of researches and innovations regarding to post harvest technology and other data's related to the sector.
  • Doing  research on product improvement and new product development.
  • Preparing and giving practical trainings on modern and technological ways of product lose minimization, quality and storage of raw material.
  • Solving the problem of industries through consulting, support and follow up.
  • Facilitating for certification of national and international standards(ISO,HACCP) to make the industries competitive.
  • Preparing project profile and indicator research.
  • Giving capacity building Support for sugar and sweets producers association.
  • Creating  good product and market competition among sugar and sweets producer association members.
  •  Collaborate with higher research institutes, universities and  poly techniques  to do joint researches, establishing technology incubations center, to do man power and product development.  
  • Working together with other stack holders in value addition chain.
  • Enabling the consumers to get quality and quantity products.
  • Supporting and initiating the producers to produce more quantity of sugar and confectionery products in the country.
  • Substituting import of sugar and confectionery products.