Cereals and Pulse Processing Industry Development
About The Directorate

The Ethiopian industry development strategic plan (2013-2025) describes the country's industrialization vision, goal, strategies and programs to qualify it as a middle-income country by the year 2025. It focuses on labor-intensive industries having wide market and broad linkages with the rest of the economy. These industries are expected to use agricultural products as input to turn into export-oriented and import substitution activities. Cereal and pulse processing industry development directorate support flour and flour products industries /flour, pasta, macaroni, biscuit, bread / and pulse products /shiro, kolo, kocho, semi processed pulse products/ and other related processor industries.

Duty and Responsibilty
  • Based on the sector strategic plan supporting and follow up Cereal and pulse processing industries to become competitive in international market and import substitutions.
  • Evaluate feasibility studies and project proposal of Cereal and pulse processing industry industries and operational on research development and based on the results transfer the technologies to the processing industries and provide a follow up.
  • Our directorate Provides all rounded technical support based on the customer needs Prepare product prototype design based on product sample and ensure and transfer the technology to processing industries.
  • Cereal and pulse processing industry development directorate support, follow-up and enhance the industries to be competitive in international market and generate foreign currency.
  • Our directorate also works on increasing industries competitiveness in international market by considering the problem and challenges of the industries based on research and give solutions by review policy as well as strategies plan.   
  • Help the processing industries by conduct scientific researches, product development, and product diversification and as well value addition to overcome and increase the competitiveness of the companies and base on the result help the companies to implements and provide support and follow up.
  • Cereal and pulse processing industry development directorate support, follow-up and cooperate industries to reach full production capacity and work on identified problems and attain full production capacity.
  • Cereal and pulse processing industry development directorate  Collect and distribute and provide full information's, type of products, type of raw and packaging materials, human recourse, production capacity and place of companies  (region and zone) etc.
  • Based on gap assessments it support and follow-up the processing industries to fulfill their gaps regards with on capacity building, certification (ISO, HACCP, GMP and so on).
  • Cereal and pulse processing industry development directorate collaborate with higher research institutes to do joint researches, establishing technology incubations center, market development and motivate processing industries to link to industry zones and Integrated Agro-Industry Park (IGIP).
  • Provide consultancy services to Cereal and pulse processing factories concerning production process, production planning and quality assurance.
  • To facilitate infrastructures like water, electric power, road etc. for Cereal and pulse processing factories.
  • And perform any related activities