Beverage Processing Industry Development Directorate
About The Directorate
  • Beverage processing industry development directorate is entitled to provide all-round support for alcoholic, stimulants and nonalcoholic beverages manufacturing industries. Alcoholic beverage industries are breweries, liquor manufacturing industries and wineries.  Stimulant beverage industries are coffee processing, tea processing, malt drinks and energy drinks. While non-alcoholic beverage industries includes water and carbonated soft drink processing.
  • Coffee is the major exportable commodity in the country. But, the export of processed coffee is at infant stage.  So, local and international investors are required to invest on coffee processing sector. Coffee processing is about roasting, grinding and packing. Even Instant coffee, decaffeinated coffee, coffee extracts & concentrates can be processed by installing the latest technologies.
  • Ethiopia has seven large breweries. Our directorate is also promoting craft beer breweries that require less investment cost and utilize small land for processing... They create job opportunity, accelerate technology transfer and contribute to product diversification.
Duty and Responsibilty
  • Identified through research and development relevant technology applicable to the development of the beverage, perform production process and product development activity on new and traditional products and transfer these technologies to the industry;
  • Collect, analyze and organize technological, and other data necessary development of beverage industries and disseminate same to users as may be necessary;
  • Prepare and disseminate project profiles that may help expansion of investment in the beverage industry. follow up and assist project implementation and provide remedies for problems encountered during implementation, assist the industry in getting rid of investment  bottlenecks;
  • Assist investors desiring to engage in the beverage by providing advice in the selection of technology;
  • In collaboration with other stack holders, prepare and conduct practical trainings on technology, technical matters, marketing and management and other tailor-made trainings that may assist the development and competitiveness of the beverage industry;
  • Provide consultancy services to beverage industry concerning production process, production planning quality assurance; establish pilot plant and laboratory to support the industry;
  • Undertake international benchmarking studies to enhance the development and competitiveness of the beverage industry and facilitate the implementation of compiled best practice by the industry;
  • Support the development of input industry so as to ensure the regular availability input to the industry in terms of variety, quantity and quality, extended the necessary support follow up to ensure effective linkage among the actor of the sector based on the respect vale chains starting from raw material up to global market;