Twinning Program


  1. Overall Objective

The major aim of this twinning program is to prepare, equip and transform the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute; enable it to provide competitive support and service to the industry and trade on the basis of International best practice of similar institutes globally so as to realize the national vision and aspirations.

Specific Objectives:- 

Specific objectives of the proposed project are stated below.

  • To study the present organizational (FBPIDI's) structure and management system
  • To design and implement suitable management system to suit the new system requirements and to provide scope for continuous improvement.
  • To introduce and implement tripartite linkage system among the industry, FBPIDI, higher institutions and TVET (Technical and Vocational Educational Training) for human resource development, research, technology transfer etc.
  • To enable FBPIDI personnel fully run the new outcome based TVET training system in food, beverage and pharmaceutical area.
  • To provide technical training on testing and analysis of food, beverage and pharmaceutical product tests to the FBPIDI personnel who are engaged in such works meeting norms as well as preparing for future needs.
  • To provide training on market analysis, intelligence and forecasting, to the respective FBPIDI personnel
  • To provide support and consultancy services to the industries
  • To provide leadership training to the heads of all the directorates
  • To undertake jointly applied research programs
  • Provide M.Sc. and PhD training for the FBPIDI personnel in partner institute.
  •  To make FBPIDI reach to the best practice of partner institute through the process of benchmarking in core business areas, customer satisfaction, HR development standard, IT utilization and impact on the industry.
  • To enable FBPIDI be certified and accredited as a world best institute by relevant organization at the end of the twining period in its technicality and business management process.
  • To equip and enable FBPIDI's laboratory be accredited and have the power to certify other laboratories in the industry.
  • To build the whole team of FBPIDI's staff as a one who strives to learn continuously and progress towards world best service provider through generating break through thinking and innovation in a sustainable manner as a vibrant and innovative change agent.
  • To lay the foundation for technology transfer and bring the knowhow on technology selection, negotiation and dissemination. 
To develop an IT system for easing the work flow within the institute.